» November 2016….

November 2016….

Album 621….

The actual early construction stages of this fabulous hotel does in fact feature in a previous hotel pic shoot. It’s wonderful to arrive and experience it’s splendor as part of a lovely weekend break.

I think these arrival pics would definitely promote visitors to the hotel though only site members will be able to comment on this front…………..lol

I have to say 621-41 is high on my list of all-time favs.


Album 620….

Join me for the very first album of it’s kind, featuring the very popular Kich design.
I’m delighted to be invited to add a little bit of my own ‘retro’ style to this paticular design and look forward to adding another update from this setting ahead of Christmas I nearly said the dreaded ‘Ch’ word…lol. xxxx

Album 619….

I have to say that having worn this Agent Provocateur bra (£120.00) – though incredibly sexy and comfortable (not supportive)….. I have suddenly realised from this album just how very sexy it looks, I’ll make sure it figures in a little bonus selfie album soon lol…….x
I’ve arranged a couple of very unique albums beginning with the very next post……..and have a few fabulous ideas for xmas shoots ahead.

Kisses all Linda xxxx

Album 618….

I love the Autumn – and although it’s been a late arrival this year – it’s certainly come n all it’s glory. These wonderful bronze Manhattan stockings certainly suit the wonderful autumn colours too and I know the rears views of this zipped skirt well help to raise the autumn temperatures…..enjoy xx

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