» October 2016….

October 2016….

Album 617….

Another new Skirt Suit makes it’s debut at LoS and I absolutely love the setting for this album.
Despite the windy conditions the sunshine brings out the rich colour of the suit as well as my underwear. Typically the photoshoot was somewhat disturbed by a dog-walker who spent some considerable time telling me all about the history of the cottage featured in this album…..bless.

Album 227, 228, 231, 236 and 237 (Blast from the Past) added….

Album 616….

As you will know I adore vibrant contrasting and colours and this rich satin blouse certainly provides a fabulous contrast with this amazingly sexy satin skirt.
The many Satin lovers here will definitely enjoy this one………


LOL…..as we enter ‘Silly Season’, I thought it about time to add a Scrapbook to 2016, keep an eye on this album as I will be adding ‘Snapchat’ pics as well as many others that didn’t make it to the albums….

I’m sure a few will raise a smile and perhaps raise something else….


Linda xxx

Album 615….

As the well known song written by Jimmie Rodgers suggests there are allsorts of wonderful flowers and colours in an English Country Garden, though I’m not sure he had me in mind at the time of writing the song hehe. But in any event this fabulous Devon hotel provides a perfect late Autumn early Winter break and an opportunity to capture some fabulous from some very interesting angles…..love and kisses Linda…xx


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