» September 2016….

September 2016….

Album 614….Video Clip

I’ve now managed to add the very up-close and personal video-clip to compliment the anniversary Album 600 (Part One and Two), I’ve got to say that this toy in itself is nothing short of extraordinary, just imagine holding remote control (via a mobile app) anywhere in the world….first come first serve woohoo….xxxx

Linda xxxx

Album 600….Part Two

Part Two of this Anniversary album has now been added – featuring some incredibly close-up and extremely personal images and this magnificent remote control (via app) vibrating egg. On top of this…a full-on video clip featuring this very toy will be added to Album 614.

Album 600….Part One

Well this belated 600th Album deserves something just a little bit special….so here is Part One of this Two Part Album with a couple of taster teaser pics # 47 and # 48 included in Part Two – which I personally think will prove a big winner with many, many members here at LoS.
Part Two follows next weekend with lots more pics as well as a close up and very personal vid-clip…….featuring this fabulous toy and the very obvious pleasure it provides……hehe.
I’m sure you’ll agree it ‘s definitely been worth the wait.


Linda xxxx

Album 612….

This vivid pink dress has proven to be part of one of the most successful albums posted on LoS in a previous album and coupled with an incredibly scenic setting might just make this one very…very special album.
I really love this album and have asked for black and white versions to be added to this album too……x

Thank you all so much for your truly amazing support, believe me when I say I am working really hard to make sure this amazing website continues to offer such very unique and very ‘honest lady next door’ content.

Kisses all….xxx

Linda xxxxxxxx

A Bonus for all Members….

Just a short note to continue my thanks to you all for your amazing support recently and to let you know that I have re-added 5 No. ‘Hot and Spicy’ Archived Albums from 2010 and 2011…..enjoy..xx

Album 611….

I really like this album, I think selfies add another (personal) dimension but often fail to catch the setting, so the additional scene setting photos add that little bit extra, and as you’ll see in the last few pics the ‘up close and personal’ theme definitely continues.

Thank you all for your amazing support during the most recent albums…..always appreciated…x

Love and Kisses

Linda xxx

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