» August 2016….

August 2016….

Album 610….

As promised the video clip – up close and personal has been added, and I have a sneaky feeling you’ll enjoy this POV action with all the slurptishous sound effects….hehe, but this is just a teaser.

Album 600 and 609….

A real Bumper Bank Holiday weekend ahead….featuring the amazingly sexy Album 609….truly naughty and sumptuously sexy beyond belief with a fun vid-clip together with the long awaited Album 600……

Wow wow wow……xx

Album 608….

Hi all……hope you’ve all been enjoying the recent fine sunny weather…..x

Album 608 (White Tux dress) will be posted later today – and album 600 will be coming next weekend, apologies for the short delay but the original egg stopped working (obviously far too much use) so I have now purchased a replacement which will feature in Album 600…..xx

Love and Kisses Linda xxx

Album 607….

So here is Part Two of this very unique album – which features quite a lot more of the very unique views over London City.
I have to say the love the 10 pics from this album which definitely feature in my list of the most ‘artistic’ pics on LoS.
A truly fabulous album – but the best is yet to come………….xxxx

Album 606….

I think this is another long legs record to be acclaimed by LoS…..legs 306m high…?
Join me for this epic weekend away towering over the wonderful London Skyline including this album – the actual arrival at the magnificent Shangri-La Hotel…. yet another unique post and just a teaser ahead of things to come including a very naughty video-clip……love and kisses all…..xxx

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