» July 2016….

July 2016….

Album 605….

Towering over London……a small selection of ‘preview pics’ from some absolutely stunning forthcoming albums as well as a naughty vid-clip.

Album 604….

Join me for a fun selfie album requested by many members following the success of Album 598 posted a month or so ago as I prepare and get myself dressed for a ‘hard’ day ahead…. I’m sure the extra exposure will delight many members too…..though I have to say this is positively timid compared to the next couple of forthcoming albums woohoo…..x

Album 603….

Welcome to these gorgeous chrome steel heel and toe shoes that look truly amazing with almost any skirt / dress – but especially this very popular and very sexy tan leather zipped skirt.
I have to say that the photography and the images in this album is some of the very best on the website despite the very windy conditions……x
I’m voting it my number one……x

Album 602….

‘VSL’ (visible suspender line) is a common term….in my circles anyway….I often hear men say ‘love the VSL’ and if I’m perfectly honest…….. it’s quite an exciting and endearing comment – ‘mostly’ received in a very complimentary manner.

So I hope you appreciate why this particular album is up among the very best posted on LoS not only for the excellent scenery and setting…….the incredibly sexy split skirt……but the fact that it’s difficult to imagine a more obvious VSL ever.

Enjoy…..there is much more to cum come….. xxxx

Album 601….

A beer garden (a loan translation from the German Biergarten) is an outdoor area in which beer and local food are served, typically at shared tables. Common entertainments include music, song, and games, enjoyed in an atmosphere of Gem├╝tlichkeit.

However it translates – I hope this album does justice to portraying a typically British Beer Garden with the traditional Scenic Setting, Wooden furniture and Table Spoon……xx

A great opportunity to capture some pics post photo shoot and on the way home…….I love it…xxxxx


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