» June 2016….

June 2016….

Album 599….

We’re very lucky to have such wonderful areas of natural beauty in the UK – and I hope that I’ve added a little extra to this particular stunning location in the South West of Somerset with this fabulous…..albeit ‘windswept’ album …………..xx

Hope you enjoy the ‘interesting’ angles in this perfect riverside location.

Kisses all Linda xxx

Album 598….(Part Two)

Part Two added to this great album, thank you all for so many kind comments and hugely encouraging feedback – always appreciated.

Look out for another first next week featuring an album taken by a new photographer at LoS.

Hugs and Kisses..

Linda xx

Album 598….(Part One)

Well now that I have an opportunity to add some of my own ‘artistic licence’ here is a truly fabulous collection of some 100 ‘selfie’ pics posted (25 pics a day) over the next four days. I love the simple honesty of selfies and I will certainly be perfecting my selfie skills over the next few months ahead……I really hope you enjoy as this is my perfect opportunity to ‘express’ myself in so many ways…..kisses Linda xxx

Album 597….

The Navy Blue version of this dress appeared in Album 588 – and the response was very positive…..I liked it so much I just had to buy the black version and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a wonderfully sexy addition to my wardrobe. These pics were captured during a visit to a wonderfully historic tower and as you can see the views at the top are quite spectacular hehe……….you and your naughty minds……..xxxxx

Selfie Album to follow this week…xxxxx

You Lucky Fellas….

Two albums this week…. in order to catch up….coming this weekend.
The first is slightly historic taken while away at a wonderful Tower location – the second is some selfies grabbed this morning ahead of work appointments.

You are definitely in for some treats…

Linda xxx

Good News for Members….

New members will now be able to contact me via Yahoo messenger and Skype…..when I’m free, to chat and swap the odd pic etc and long term memberships will be able to keep in touch via text messages.

Look out for Album 597 coming later today…Kisses Linda xx

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