» April 2016….

April 2016….

Album 592….

Well this is definitely another first for LoS featuring first class travel and a truly amazing experience on one of our very wonderful canals. I have to say that the thought of fellas walking / jogging along the canal bank just a few feet from the boat is a simply amazingly sexy scenario.

Album 591….

As long term friends here will know – I absolutely adore contrasting colours and based on my penchant for darker shades of underwear and stockings as my preference – I simply love to wear these with very vivid contrasting colours.
So this location and setting is just perfect for showcasing a modern twist on the very traditional lemon and blue theme of old.

Look out for some unbelievably sexy posts coming over the next week or two…quite possibly the very best (to date) ever…….xx

Album 590….

Almost the second week into April already and typically the new office is now two weeks…late lol……!!

However I’ve added this album captured late last year before vacating my old office and featuring this wonderfully sexy Satin Blouse. I’m hoping the new office will be completed later this month, it’s looking really fabulous and I’m really looking forward to producing some fabulously sexetary posts as soon as it’s available.

Kisses all Linda xxx

Album 589….

Well I think the title describes this album perfectly, but besides forgetting my thong – I also didn’t realise just how revealing this half cup bra is under a virtually transparent blouse……or did I …?????
It’s your call…. all I would say is this is definitely my fav album of all time……..

Enjoy Linda xxxx


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