» March 2016….

March 2016….

Album 588….

Welcome to this wonderfully sexy lace paneled dress, a very sexy addition to my wardrobe and absolutely perfect with Eleganti Navy Blue Fully Fashioned Stockings.
I simply love the contrast of colours in this album.

Happy Easter All….xxx


I’ve been away a couple of days with friends and how lovely to come back to so many emails and some fab comments here following Album 587….
I personally love this latest album – leather is a luxury item and looks and feels fabulous. Unfortunately the red skirt has been worn so much that I need to repair the hem or replace……
I’ve just bought the black version as well which will get an outing during a ladies nite on the town this coming Easter weekend.

Have a fabulous Easter Break all members and also visitors…….Love and Kisses Linda xxxxxx

Album 587….

It’s been a long time since Red Contrast Seam Stockings featured in an Album here on LoS and having seen this album – I think it’s very overdue. This album also features my three fav colours – (Red White and Black) in the wonderful grounds of a Stately home.
Another big album for you lovely fellas…..enjoy and don’t forget to give your feedback (which is always appreciated) either on my members blog or by email……..xxx

Lots of kisses always – Linda xxxx

Album 586….

A unique album for Legsonshow members featuring this new and very fabulous Red Leather Dress as well as some really voyeuristic angles from outside the bedroom window.

This album will most definitely seduce the wild imaginations to the extreme of all those with ‘outside the window’ interests.

I must admit I do enjoy a game a scrabble and as you might notice I’ve mastered the art of cheating my way to a few extra points which Tom hadn’t spotted while his focus was clearly set on my legs and boobs…….I wonder why I’m still yet to lose my first game…..hehe xxxx

Next weeks album is outdoors and features some fabulous red contrast seam stockings.

Love and Kisses

Linda xx

Album 585….

Apologies for the slight re-juggle to the intended posts……… being away this past weekend with a glimpse of sunshine and an opportunity to visit the fabulous and nearby Wareham Forest proved too much of a draw…..it’s our first album there and I must say………..

‘’I LOVE IT’’.

I can almost feel ’spring in my steps’, the sun has started shining and provides an ideal opportunity for a visit (Sat 5th) to the Pine Woodland area set in the beautiful local Wareham Forest.
I love this album, the colours, the setting and the thought of warmer months ahead….woohoo…..xxx

I know many write to me and describe how they enjoy imagining following me as I walk in my High Heels and Fully Fashioned Nylons………. well this album will certainly inspire those imaginations.

I hope you like this album at least half as much as I do……xx

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