» February 2016….

February 2016….

Album 584….

As promised –  an early viewing of the new office suite which will eventually provide a fabulous setting for Secretarial albums as well as a relaxation area with super-duper office technology and facilities that will add a new dimension to LoS…… The builders hope to complete end of March and as advised I’m still hopeful to move in on April 1st….but whatever the date……site members will definitely be the first to see me in the New Suite just as soon as I take ownership…….xxxx

This album feature fabulous Navy Fully Fashioned stockings as well as an amazing Satin Blouse……..enjoy xxxxx

Kisses Linda xxxxx

Album 583….

Lady of the Manor

After a wonderful Sunday morning horse ride it’s lovely to relax with a glass of fine brandy in the very quaint Orangery on this wonderful estate.
I’m certain this outfit will whip up some very imaginative scenario’s…..enjoy…xxxx

Album 582….

Thank you all for so many wonderful comments in the last 5-6 weeks – it’s evermore obvious that the 2016 albums have promoted this website into unique territory with breathtaking style, quality and settings simply not available anywhere else on any similar themed websites on the net.

This is yet another first for LoS – featuring this fabulously sexy ballgown….made breathtakingly sexy by the absence of a certain item of underwear…..
in a very stunning outdoor setting pre-christmas celebration…….I’ve a good feeling that you’ll enjoy ….xxxx

Album 581….

I have to admit that my experience of librarians during my early years were ‘prim and proper’ – ‘well dressed’ types who wore thick rimmed glasses……just perfect for this fabulous album captured in a perfect library setting.

I have to say that the vividness of this Satin Blouse is really ‘outstanding’ in this setting and the ‘hobble skirt’ (though quite longer than my normal length) certainly adds to the whole scene and this is definitely an album where the the additions of monochrome images add something very special to this lovely album.

Another fabulous album to follow next week….x

Love and Kisses xxx

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