» January 2016….

January 2016….

Album 580….

During our Short Break in North Devon we stumbled across this wonderful area of woodland in the grounds of a country pub and couldn’t resist the opportunity to climb aboard this perfect setting for Album 580.
Given the somewhat ‘tigerish’ nature of my outfit the title of the album kind of ‘leapt out at us’.

Album 579….

Hi everyone – just back from a really enjoyable weekend break and a wonderful opportunity to visit some of our wonderful British Heritage in the South of England.
This wonderful dress gets it very first outing on LoS and as you’ll see ‘in daylight’ it’s incredibly revealing and possibly one of my favourite dresses……(at the mo). hehe
Look out for one or two more posts from this location during this year…….as promised, boy oh boy this new year will treat you to new territories for LoS including the most amazingly sexy outfits and fully fashioned nylons in the most unique settings ever seen on the www.

Enjoy – Linda xxx

Album 578….

It’s weird at times how I suspect someone is watching me get in and out of my car in my regular parking spots and as this album goes to show there is absolutely nothing interesting to see………….as you can see it’s all completely normal hehe…xxx

I’m away for a naughty weekend next weekend visiting a spectacular National Trust property which I hope will feature in the very next album subject of course to how busy it is, so fingers crossed as this could be one of the very best yet.


Album 577….

The first Album for 2016 begins with a review of the fabulous albums posted during 2015 in a ‘Pics from the cutting room floor’ style.

It’s good to look back over the many albums to reflect on the various locations and outfits and to use these as a benchmark for the year ahead. As mentioned previously we have some super (never before featured) locations and outfits planned for 2016 and I definitely believe this will be the very best year for LoS.


Wishing you all a Very Very Happy and Prosperous New Year from all here at Legsonshow.

This Year definitely promises to be a bumper year with some truly fabulously unique outfits and locations…. already planned and in place.

Kisses All…..Linda xxx

Album 576….

The last day of 2015 comes and goes and we’ll each look back on 2015 and decide whether it’s been a good year or otherwise. I hope whatever your feelings on 2015 are…… that your time here has at least raised a ’smile’ thanks to another highly enjoyable year at LegsonShow…. as well as a toast to another ‘really’ special year ahead.
Thank you all for your support through 2015 my best wishes to you and your loved ones, I hope we all have a joyous and prosperous 2016 together.

Love and kisses always to all here….

Linda xxxx

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