» November 2015….

November 2015….

Album 572….

As I prepare for vacation of my fabulous little Office, I’ve been determined to make the most of the wonderful South facing aspect and take full advantage of a little sunshine. I have to say this is one of the most interesting albums captured in the office and some of the photographic angles are among the very best. So as we welcome ‘Party Season’ I promise all members are in for a fabulous month of incredibly sexy Party outfits as well as my usual Christmas bonus posts……Love and Kisses all…….. Linda xxxxx

Album 571….

Tom’s away…………..So it’s left to yours truly to capture this ‘last minute’ album, captured Friday whilst my ‘regular photographer’ is enjoying otherwise overwhelmed with ’sudden work commitments’….so hence my update image……lol. That said I’m really pleased with the outcome of this ’selfies’ post featuring this wonderful ‘Tux-dress’ straight out of the box and for the very first time on LoS.
In the meantime all ‘budding photographers’ applications are very very welcome….hehe…x

Kisses all……Linda xxxxx

Album 570….

Couldn’t resist the opportunity to feature this wonderfully figure hugging dress, it’s simply wonderful to wear indoors and out and certainly sets pulses racing judging by the attentions when I’m out as well as the fabulous feedback from wonderful members here…….I know this will prove a winner with many members here.  Unfortunately the winter evenings draw in so quickly and the lack of natural light brought an early close to the photo-shoot…….though we did take ‘full’ advantage of the little extra private time immediately afterwards……woohoo xx

Album 569….

Good Morning from Portland, and welcome back to this fabulously sexy leopard print dress that made it’s first appearance at Ascot races earlier this year. As you’ll see though, besides the hat there’s also another vital item of my outfit missing…..but I’m sure no-one will notice…….hehe x

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