» August 2015….

August 2015….

Album 561….

You can tell that I’m getting into the mood for the forthcoming Goodwood festival….and this Chequered flag skirt is just perfect for any motor racing event especially when teamed up with these new and fabulous sexy steel heels….and sure to set pulses racing as the big engines throb and spit…hehe x

Definitely one of my fav. posts this year…..don’t forget to say hi if you spot me at Goodwood – I promise to be standing out lol……x

Kisses Linda xx

Album 560….

Part Two of this album has just been added and features some unusual angles and some super close-ups….and judging by so many emails and PM’s etc – this album has proven a huge winner, so look out for some similarly norty sets to follow soon.

Album 561 (weather permitting) will feature some fabulous outdoor glamour ahead of the wonderful Goodwood festival…….I’m so excited.
Beyond that, look out for some amazing new and very very sexy outfits captured in some lovely indoor and outdoor settings, with some very tasteful exposure included….

Thank you all for your truly amazing support throughout 2015…..it’s immensely encouraging and always well received…


Linda xx

Album 559….

Well you asked for it…… so we’ve delivered Part One of this amazingly sexy album. I know you fellas often wonder what’s beneath my skirt, so here’s the answer delivered with some amazing and unusual angles with awesome close-ups, produced in the usual very high quality.

Album 558….

Apologies for the very slight delay in posting this album, we’ve both been exhausted since this long weekend break away to the very magnificent Roma. The weather was absolutely fabulous and the whole weekend was ‘filled’ with fun and adventure throughout…….but of course that’s another story to be told soon……..for now please enjoy some pics captured from our room in our wonderful Hotel……it comes highly recommended…….xx

Linda xxx

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