» July 2015….

July 2015….

Album 557….

The Picnic Part Two of the previous album including some fabulous angles, together with a video clip as well as some ever popular monochrome captures.

Thank you for all of the wonderful messages and emails received for Album 556.

Album 556….

Simply the best to date….

Well I have to say that this is definitely my fav. all time album, not only because it includes some fifty incredibly HQ images featuring Secrets in Lace EVA OUTLINE HEEL STOCKINGS at £89.00 per pair captured by a pro-photographer, but it also includes pics and a video-clip from Tom’s Drone…….I’m sure you’ll agree with me….. this is a simply stunning album captured from every angle by two very clever fellas…….x

Good News….

I am looking to re-organise a few commitments as soon as possible – which will free up some time on Friday’s for webcam shows for MEMBERS, I appreciate that these were very popular with so many members in the past, so hopefully these will get those members that are interested…….. into the ‘weekend spirit‘ a little earlier than usual…woohoo.
Also we have a few ‘spicy’ albums planned over the next couple of months which I know many of you enjoy in among the fabulous glamour posts.

Finally thank you for you comments to date on Album 555 together with so many very kind email messages…..a big hug for everyone..x

Love and kisses…

Linda xxxx

Album 555….

This fantastic little leather mini-skirt makes it’s second appearance on LoS and I must tell you that it’s one of a few select items that makes me feel incredibly horny – especially wearing it with fully fashioned nylons and high heels.
So as you’ll notice I soon lost a vital item of underwear……greatly adding to the whole sexy experience………xxx

Thank you to all members past, present and future again for your fabulous and very appreciated support – look out for a ‘norty’ post and a vid-clip coming very soon, not to mention some fab ‘in town’ captures.

Kisses Linda xx

Album 554….

Gosh – July already and whilst a summer outfit might be more in keeping with the warm weather, I think this dinner dress works perfectly ahead of a wonderful evening out in Weymouth. I love the combination of Black and Gold, although I will just add that I did in fact wear the sumptuously comfortable black zip heels.
Summer Love and Kisses…..

PS Look out for some fab Cam Chats coming again soon for all members…..x

Linda xxxx

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