» June 2015….

June 2015….

Album 553….


I have to say that I really love this type of album, the contrast between subject and surroundings is very interesting and a form that I know so many of you request regularly and love. The album was ¬†captured on a very busy industrial estate that is currently going through a huge expansion and transformation of adjoining waste land. A huge development of new offices to the right – (see Pic 533-49) where office workers definitely appeared to be extremely interested during my walk through their carpark…….to capture this fabulous album.

Album 552….

One of the benefits of being self employed means that I can work a little harder during the week with the reward sometimes of getting away a little earlier on a Friday. So  with a sunny forecast, I certainly made the very most of the opportunity and raced home to enjoy a wonderful Hot-Tub followed by some very over-due sunbathing. Look out for a few more bonus additions to this album during this week.

Album 551….

A second post this weekend…….

A spell of warm weather is all the encouragement necessary for a fabulous weekend away to our Weekend Retreat and provides the perfect opportunity to try out a couple of new dresses including this wonderful printed dress that clings to each and every curve and suspender clasp…. Coupled with my favourite ‘zip’ high heels this is definitely high on my list of favourite albums to date in 2015.

Love and Kisses all..

Linda xxxxxx

Album 550 Pt II….

A little Bonus to the very popular 50 Shades of Grey post……and don’t panic Album 551 will also be posted this weekend too…….just to say a little thank you for all of your continued support through 2015 to date….

Kisses Linda xxx

Album 5(50)Shades of Grey….

I have to say – I’m not a lover of platform soles – but this delicate platform sole and exquisite heel is definitely unique and looks incredible with these platinum contrast seam fully fashioned nylons from Gio.

This is a two part bonus post – all to be posted this week including as always – some unique angles as well as some fabulous nylon wrinkles and toe cleavage in my own interpretation of 50 shades of grey….

Kisses Linda ….x




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