» March 2015….

March 2015….

Album 540….

I love wearing 3/4 length coats – they conjour up all sorts of  questions about what is or what isn’t underneath. I have to say that the March / April weather provides perfect opportunities to wear a coat and just my underwear and boy oh boy believe me when I say …………it’s an incredibly sexy experience.

Album 539….

This week provides a fantastic bumper post and two updates in one – featuring this incredibly sexy ‘V’ line dress. All in all I have to say that having worn this dress for a shopping day in Cardiff last weekend, it is definitely one of my favs and I’m sure will prove extremely popular with my fabulous members.

Album 538….

As the Formula One Season begins – I couldn’t resist adding this album featuring this incredibly sexy Ferrari Top. I know so many LoS members here are great fans of Formula One racing and no doubt enjoyed seeing our very own Lewis Hamilton win the first race…..
Enjoy…Linda xxx

Album 537….

A fabulous ‘fly-on-the-wall’ style post for this week, full of plenty of underwear shots and some interesting angles, together with some ‘in-motion’ style pics that I think work really well and bring the still images to life. I have to say that this is a big fav of mine……in among some fabulous albums already this year……

Love and Kisses….

Linda xxx

Album 536….

Hope I’m not tempting fate by thinking Spring 2015 has arrived. If I am slightly over optimistic – I couldn’t miss this opportunity to open up my spring wardrobe and grab this ideal opportunity to celebrate in this very sexy skirt suit together with a return to this very ’scenic’ train journey on the very fabulous West Country Rail-line. The stockings are natural shade from Gio – a perfect combination with the suit and wonderful sunshine.


Love and Kisses Linda xxxx



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