» February 2015….

February 2015….

Album 535….

After many many months of investigating the bonuses of Drone technology, we have finally invested a huge amount of time as well as expense in taking this website into new territory with amazing video and photographic angles. I have to say after viewing this initial vid-clip together with the pics that I am completely overwhelmed with the amazing quality as well as this absolutely new and unique perspective……..xxxxx

The start of new things ahead… Linda xxx

Album 534….

May I wish all members a very happy Valentines Day – unfortunately and despite it falling on a Saturday this year, I had to work…… but as you can see I grasped this opportunity to wear this gorgeous dog-tooth skirt……(my Valentine’s day present from Tom) to the office. I absolutely love the styling…..would I be wrong to assume that the bright sunshine in Bournemouth is an intro to spring.????

Fingers Crossed – our next update will include / feature some footage from Tom’s new Toy…x

Love and kisses all…..Linda xxx

Album 533….

Forgive the title of this particular album – basically it’s a follow-up on the previous Album 532 which has proven to be an enormous success with members judging by the vast number of emails and PM’s.
However the purpose of this particular Album is to explore the Various Video formats and improve the viewing process for those that use MAC devices.
Additionally Tom has added or will be adding some preview pics / videos taken with a Drone – if that is the correct terminology. I’ve seen some video-clips as well as some images and I have to say it’s very impressive and will add a whole new dimension to this website, which I’m really excited about. Keep an eye on updates in Album Tom.

Kisses Linda xxxx

Album 532….

So here we taking a few innocent pics in this little car park area which is basically used by various town workers and visitors as a cheaper option to the normal car park rates. Having picked a relatively quiet Sunday we had hoped for a little privacy, but as you’ll see this was very wishful thinking as we clearly caught the attentions of a few inquisitive men who had spotted me in the car and decided they had suddenly left something back in their own cars, in order to catch second and third viewings…..and just so very blatantly as you’ll see……..A video-clip from this album will follow in a few weeks…….I just know you’ll love this one…….xxx


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