» January 2015….

January 2015….

Album 531….

So this is the little Nerve Centre for LegsonShow…..it’s been quite a long time since we last posted from here, so I hope this will add another dimension, especially in this fabulously sexy dress. There’s a little story to go with this dress too, which I wore out with two of my friends last Thursday week, only to discover that it’s somewhat see-through in certain lighting in bars and clubs……much to their amusement and the interest of many males too……..x

Album 530….

I love this album……the first break in the very blustery winter weather provides an ideal opportunity yesterday (Friday 16th) to capture some really fabulous images at the wonderful nearby Shearwater Lake. As you’ll see, besides the many fisherman we weren’t alone for long……xx

Possibly my all-time favourite to date…….

Linda xxxx

Album 529….

After the fabulous festive party season – I have to say I find the return to work and getting back into the work routine….. along with the rather dark dismal weather….. quite a challenge. A little retail therapy definitely helps and hopefully this very sexy lemon cardigan will help to brighten up the day and provide some ‘colourful’ thoughts for the naughty LoS members.

Love and Kisses…..

Linda xxx

Album 528….

Part Two of this fabulous adventure…. following the video-clip posted in Album 519.
As you’ll see….after some small talk, my unexpected visitor and I soon got down to some serious business…..which thankfully climaxed in a very mutually beneficial deal…..a very successful conclusion indeed…….xxx
The new year has certainly started with a bang……xxx

January 1st 2015….

As a new year begins, I’d like to wish all members, whether past, present or future, a very happy New Year 2015….

Hugs and Kisses

Linda xxx

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