» December 2014….

December 2014….

Album 527….

So as the end of another year approaches it’s a great time to look back at 2014 with a fabulous collection of monochrome images. Those with a keen eye will notice that a number of these images do not appear in the various albums, and those that do have had some tweaks as well as a few special effects applied. Enjoy this collection from 2014 and look out for many more fabulous albums in 2015….woohoo…x

Merry Christmas….

Good Morning and Merry Christmas from a Very Sunny Portland Bay. I hope everyone is enjoying Christmas Day, but for those that have had enough Roast Turkey and Christmas Day Television – here is a little Christmas Day album to hopefully add some extra cheer to your day. Have a fabulous Christmas Day all…..
Love and Kisses
Linda xxxxxxxxx

Album 525….

So here is my final offering on the festive dress options – and I’m sure you’ll agree that all four are very worthy additions to the Los Wardrobe ahead of 2015, though I will admit I’ve left this, my personal favourite to last. This dress as you’ll see is both incredibly figure hugging and revealing and most definitely takes the guesswork out of …….’suspenders or hold-ups’…?? lol.
It also ‘received’ Tom’s ‘approval’ twice on my birthday a few days ago……..woohoo…….xxx

I’ve a good feeling that this will also prove a very popular addition to my wardrobe ahead of 2015.

A huge thank you to Members…past,present and future…….for your fabulous support and immense kindness throughout. Merry Christmas to you, your family and loved ones.

Love and Kisses Linda xxxx

Album 524….

Another newbie for LoS, I wore this skirt last Saturday with a black top on a festive night out with friends and believe me – it certainly attracts plenty of attention. I’m sure you will agree this bustier looks absolutely fabulous with it too and thankfully for Tom it has excellent wipe down qualities…..hehe xx

Album 523….

Firstly – thank you all to so many members that sent emails and PM’s commenting on the blue dress from the previous album…..I’m really pleased that it’s proven a winner….. and as we continue the Festive Season dresses, this Leopard print dress is set to bring out the party animal in me, I love this one although in typical fashion it has already gone for some alterations, somewhat shorter and a tighter fit hehe……I’m looking forward to showing you the altered version with members at some point in the future.

Kisses Linda xxx

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