» September 2014….

September 2014….

Album 513….

I must admit the dominant role isn’t one I usually play out, but I’m beginning to see that it might have it’s own appeal especially when it comes to getting my own way. A little change to the usual scenario, featuring a dungeon and a very interesting chair….the various marks on which are testimony to some very interesting activity in previous ‘events’…….

Hope you enjoy this little change in style / theme. We have some fabulous posts planned over the next few weeks featuring completely new outfits and some rather brilliant locations. I’m sure October / November will be very enjoyable…….x

Thank you as always for your continued support – Love and Kisses Linda xx

Album 512….

The second part of the amazing Goodwood Revival weekend, this album features a change of outfit for me together with lots more of the nostalgic theme and captures (behind the scenes) a small selection of those that went to great lengths to add to the whole fun factor of this very special event.

I know you’ll enjoy Pt 2 just as much as so many have told me you’ve enjoyed Pt 1……xxx

Thank you again for blog posts and so many PM’s and emails……..

Linda xxxx

Album 511….

Another first for Legsonshow – this fabulous (100 pics) album taken this weekend at the very famous annual Goodwood Revival – including monochrome images to add to the feel of the event. I have to say that for those that have never been – add it to your ‘must do list’. It’s a fantastic event that sells out very quickly and has a real fun party atmosphere right out of the 1930’s – 1960’s. A word of advice though…..you’ll need at least two days to do it properly.  Thank you also to the members past and present, who introduced themselves……it was really lovely to chat and catch up ……kisses Linda….xx

Album 510….

A bit of a fetish theme to this particular post. I must admit – honestly – that I’ve been very interested in these machines and to finally get my my hands on one has been ‘some relief’…….hehe. OMG, for anyone that hasn’t tried one, I can tell you it’s cheaper than a holiday and much more memorable…..hehe…x

Album 509….

So as we leave reception the next stop is the Bar Area and a very welcome glass of champagne ahead of the fun and frolics. I personally love how this setting works in the pics and have included a full post of monochrome images too, which I think really adds to the 50’s theme.

‘Huge’ adventure awaits…….just around the corner……woohoo x

Linda xxx

New Server….

A brand new high spec. server is now in place and will hopefully provide sufficient capacity and increased speed to cope with the next 500 albums….woohoo xx

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