» August 2014….

August 2014….

 Album 508….

So as you’ll see the whole fetish studio follows a natural sequence, beginning with arrival (previous album – behind the scenes) followed by this bumper reception album, call it a ‘warm-up’ if you wish but as you’ll see there’s some great fun ahead…… enjoy Linda xxx

Preview Pics….

Just updated  – though an absolute fraction ( one-zillionth ) of the content available within this website – hopefully will give you a flavour…..x

Album 507….

New territory for legsonshow……..A little insight into ‘behind the scenes’ on the day of my eagerly anticipated visit to a fetish studio. This album begins with a very early start and a journey north, arriving at the Studio late morning. As you’ll see it’s basically a good look around at the facilities and various ‘setting’ options and then some careful placement of props and setting up studio lighting to capture the mood required for each set. It never ceases to amaze me how something that looks so basic can look so fabulous in the finished product. All in all a very long and exhausting day and just to give you a feel of the truly amazing posts to come – I’ve included a selection from 4 or 5 of the forthcoming albums…….xx

I just know you horny fellas will love this post.

14th August….

Just a quick message to say I’ve had a really fabulous day today at a fetish themed studio and boy oh boy are members in for a treat.
I managed to capture the whole day from start to finish including the journey to the studio early this morning and some ‘behind the scenes’ together with some mind blowingly sexy albums.
So as a special treat this weeks update will feature the start of the day – together with a small selection of what’s to come in on-going updates, believe me …….you’ll love it.
Love and Kisses Linda xxx

PS a big thank you to Beth and Pete x

Album 506….

I’ve been inundated with so many requests (some 70 messages alone last week) for a bra-less post with my Transparent blouse……so here it is……showing again that this website is interactive and that I do take on-board comments and requests, especially when so popular. Hope you enjoy these…..xxxx

Album 507 promises to be something a little different….really looking forward to it hehe xxx

Hope you are all enjoying the summer and thank you all again.

Linda xxxx

Hi all….

Thank you all again for your very sweet PM’s and very kind comments recently.
I’m overwhelmed to say that the website continues to go from strength to strength in these incredibly difficult times.
As a very special thank you – I want to share our plans for a few of the fabulously sexy forthcoming albums.

The fetish theme – PVC, Latex and Leather is high on the list for many members, having visited a ‘fetish party’ recently – I’m pleased to say that we will definitely be venturing into ‘new territory’ in the next few weeks…..hehe. On top of this I’m looking to repeat a train station shoot, which I know was so incredibly popular previously and rest assured – we’ll be looking to improve on later this year.

Thank you again for your immense support, I’ve a good feeling that the next few months will be a huge amount of fun for LoS members….xxx

Linda x

Album 505….

My weekend usually starts with…..well that’s not quite true……follows with…..hehe, a visit to the office to pick up post and any messages etc.. its a good time also to catch up with Saturday morning news. So join me here for a couple of hours this Saturday morning, I’m sure your focus will be on something other than the weekend news, difficult to imagine a more sexy blouse……almost completely transparent.

Enjoy…Linda xxxx

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