» Welcome to the ‘Legs on Show’ Site Blog….

Welcome to the ‘Legs on Show’ Site Blog….

Hi and welcome to the Legs on Show ‘website blog’ added as part of this website facelift and now available to all visitors to my website.

This blog was previously only available to site members, so I’m really pleased to be able to share all relevant news as well as information on forthcoming albums etc. with members and visitors alike.

August 2012

So let me start by offering a really warm welcome to all visitors to my new Legs on Show website and blog. This upgrade coincides with the second anniversary of the website and I’m really proud of how things have developed over the last two years with an ever-increasing membership as well as an ever increasing portfolio of some 400 albums and approximately 13000 pics and video clips all of which are available in the members area.

Thank you again for visiting and don’t forget to pop back regularly and check out my weekly adventures.

Album 400

I’m often asked whether the metal clasps of my suspenders ‘set off’ alarms at airport security gates, well the answer is…..yes, sometimes….. though I find it does depend completely upon the sensitivity of the scanning equipment. So having cleared the security gate, imagine the complete shock and embarrassment as I’m approached by a very officious looking security officer, who directed me to a security check desk and presented me with an X-ray image revealing that not all of my electrical devices had been ‘declared’ in my security bin. Thankfully he was very understanding of my personal needs during my long haul duties and following a very thorough body search and a very ‘stiff’ reminder of security regulations, he allowed me to continue my duties….hehe.

24th August 2012

Have a fabulous bank holiday weekend all – I’m on the town for a girls night out tonight…dinner and a few drinks with friends, followed by a shopping day in fabulous Bath City tomorrow (saturday) – hang-over permitting – hehe.
Should be on messenger at various times Sat/Sun/Mon – Looking forward to posting Album 400 on Monday.

Linda xxx

Album 400
Now on-line – I love it – and judging by the number of personal messages so far……this is going to be a huge favourite with members that love the ‘cheesecake glamour theme’, as well as those that love the air hostess uniform postings.

30th August 2012

With all this rain I have to admit I enjoyed a couple of hours today in Basingstokes indoor ‘Festival Place’ shopping centre – in between appointments in nearby Andover. The car parking is nothing short of confusing….. though on a positive note my ‘outfit’ certainly seemed to ‘raise interests’ amongst the lunchtime hoards. It’s definitely a very busy and popular shopping centre.

Linda x

Linda xxx

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