» July 2014….

July 2014….

Album 504….

‘Striptease’ This sequin summer dress, despite being a big fav of mine, last made an appearance on LoS last year during our holiday in France. It proved to be quite a hit then, so I thought I’d give it a second outing for LoS in this fab album. What a perfect dress too for all this glorious sunshine we’re enjoying recently. In fact as you can see the temperature(s) had risen so much during the photoshoot – that I just had to remove some items woohoo….

Album 503….

‘Two into One does go’ –  I know just what all those naughty minds will be thinking…..hehe. And so that I don’t leave you disappointed,  here is a special bonus for this weeks update including two outrageously sexy outfits and some very naughty poses all in one falulous album…..I just know this is going to be a huge favourite with all you very naughty boys….x

Album 502….

I have to say at the outset, that I am not into football, however with the World Cup filling every television channel for the last five weeks……and to my own amazement I began to get quite involved in the last few games. So last night (Sunday) I sat down with a bottle of bubbly and watched the World Cup final from start to finish and I have to be completely honest, whilst it would have been wonderful to see England in the final, my second favourite team bearing in mind the huge membership to LoS…. had to be Germany.
As you can see I followed the game all the way through giving my full support up to a ‘very exciting climax’….
Congratulations to Germany for winning the World Cup 2014.

Another album featuring up to date events, proving yet again that this is a very ‘live’ and unique website.

Kisses Linda….xx

Album 501….

Well I have to say I’m all in favour of  ‘finishing touches’ a ‘job well done’ as well as perfectly straight lines and thankfully the patio works are nearing completion with only one or two workmen finishing off…. As you can see the new layout provides a perfect area for capturing some super sunbathing and BBQ posts during the summer months. I have to say I love this particular album the mix of Selfie pics adds that little extra viewing angle and makes it somewhat easier to capture the workmen in the background….hehe.  Hope you enjoy this fabulous post……xxx

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