» June 2014….

June 2014….

Album 500….A Huge Milestone.

So let me start by saying a really huge thank you to all members past, present and future…..for your immense support over so many years. I’m completely humbled by this support as well as all of the extremely sweet emails and messages. However one of the most rewarding aspects of running my own website is the fact that I have made friends with so many website members from every corner of this very small and ever decreasing globe……and that for me is worth the world.

Here’s to the future and Album 1000.

Thank you again and again…….Love and Kisses Linda xxxxxx

Album 499 (Midweek Bonus)….

So here is the bonus post promised last weekend ahead of ‘milestone’ Album 500. As you can see…. we have quite a lot going on at present and despite my constant site visits the work seems to be going extremely slowly and the program among other things appears to becoming quite extended…. but as always I never turn down the opportunity to lend a ‘helping hand’.

I have to say I love this album, plenty of sunshine and a complete contrast of outfit and setting……..lots of kisses Linda x

Album 498….

Gosh this hot weather is a fabulous bonus, hope you are all enjoying it as much as I was earlier this morning with a magazine and a glass of champagne, any excuse for a Sunday morning ‘cock’-tail….hehe.

I’m regularly asked to dedicate an album for the many ‘crossed legs’ fans at Legsonshow, so here it is with lots of varied angles and some fabulous ‘close-ups’ together with a little bonus vid-clip.

On top of this a fabulous bonus post for all members next week as we reach the amazing milestone of Album 500. Thank you all members past, present, and soon to join…. for your immense support over the previous years. With 500 albums, I’m confident that you’ll find plenty here to ‘titilate‘ you….

Love and Kisses Linda xxx

Album 497….

Tan fully fashioned nylons and Red heels, definitely one of my very favourite heel and stocking combinations…..and I have to say this album with so many different angles captures the wicked styling and pointed toe of these stilettos just perfectly. So as Album No. 500 approaches look out for a bumper week. Thank you all for your support and fabulous messages during the amazing lead up to the 500th Album available for all website members here on www.legsonshow.com.

Album 496….

It doesn’t get much ‘hotter of the press‘ than this…….. as you can see the weather here on the South Coast is absolutely fabulous and inspired this post (produced this morning) providing a welcome opportunity to introduce this summer skirt and jacket – a very recent addition to my wardrobe and it’s first outing on LoS. Have to say I think it looks incredible with the stockings from Cervin as well as the very popular white stilettos. As you can see the sunshine played it’s usual part in making me a little extra naughty for this very special. album. I’ve a very good feeling that this will be a huge favourite with so many members here…….enjoy xxx

Album 495….

Another first for LegsonShow – on the 1st of the month – features these fabulous Jodhpurs, which although I very rarely cover my legs, do look lovely with my ankle-boots. I love the ‘tight fit’ too which as you’ll see, accentuates every curve and every suspender bump……hehe. xx Hope you enjoy this fabulous album…x

Kisses Linda xxx

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