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July 2020….

Album 795…. Men often confuse Stilettos with Pumps and regularly comment incorrectly when I’m out and about wearing high heels. The subtle difference is the thinness of the heel and I’m sure you will agree these are definitely ‘out and out’ stilettos.On another note I hope you will also notice from this particular post –
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June 2020….

Album 791…. So here is the latest addition to my skirt collection and I think it’s going to be a very popular addition for my members here. This short leather ‘V’ line skirt feels amazing to wear and definitely shows lot’s of leg whether standing, walking or sitting….it’s absolutely perfect.I have also grabbed lot’s of
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May 2020….

Album 787…. As mentioned in recent posts, this month see’s the commencement of some major overhaul and refurbishment in ‘Bareham Manor’ commencing with floors’ up and back to bare bones. And whilst I mention bones there has certainly been some very visible one’s during the many tradesmen visits of late, maybe it’s just seeing a
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April 2020….

Album 782…. Welcome to this fabulous Black Satin Blouse – a Gift from a fabulous member….slightly underestimating my measurements which I’m sure will be very ‘appreciated’ by many, especially when teamed up with this very short leather mini-skirt….I think….actually I know…. this will be a ‘huge’ fav. for many members. Stay Safe all….Hugs Linda xxxx
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March 2020….

Reassurances…. These are uncertain times, however I want to resassure all members past, present and future that I’m utilising this ‘lockdown’ period to provide some additional (two per week) fabulous updates to hopefully lift your spirits. Take care all and please stay safe…. Hugs and Kisses Linda xxxx Album 777…. In response to so many
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February 2020….

Album 773…. The first of four fabulously fetish albums for February. This particular album features this popular Blue Leather Zip Skirt and matching laced waist clincher, together with two new additions to LoS ….these super sexy CERVIN SO!! authentic Fully Fashioned Seam Nylon Veil with transparent Outline Heel stockings displayed to their very best with
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January 2020….

Happy New Year and New Decade to visitors and members alike, I wish you and your loved ones a very joyous new year ahead and look forward to keeping in touch with my old friends as well as new friends through 2020. Love and Kissess Linda xxxx So here is the first album for 2020
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December 2019….

Album 763…. As we enter December – I have to say I already in ‘party mode’ and have added some fabulously sexy party dresses that I’m really looking forward to sharing with you fellas during ‘Party Month’ .You fabulous fellas will get to see these dresses ahead of anyone else and I’m definitely looking forward
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November 2019….

Album 760…. Here is the seventh ‘# throw back thursday album’.As many early site members will recall, my passion for sporty popular French cars started early in my driving life. Here is the evidence of this during a visit to a very popular local dealership. Needless to say the Salesmen were extremely keen to give
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October 2019….

Album 759…. I know this particular skirt is a ‘big’ fav for many members and I think looks fabulous with these red contrast seam stockings and fabulous red sling back heels….a simply awesome combination. I’m certain you’ll enjoy viewing just as much as I enjoy showing….xxxx Album 758…. Welcome to the sixth ‘# throw back
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