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March 2018….

Album 683…. After a relatively steady journey, we finally arrive at the wonderful Retreat, set in fabulous woodlands with views of Torquay and Brixham Bay in the distance. The Complex has only just opened in the last week, so I feel particularly privileged to be one of the first visitors. This particular album is focused
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February 2018….

Album 682…. As you will see from my previous post, we had planned to be visiting a fabulous apartment in Devon this weekend, however as many will be aware, Britain has been hit with a very heavy snowfall commencing Thursday finishing Friday causing huge commuter disruption and hence finishing any chance of travelling to our
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January 2018….

Album 678…. This album kicks off our Arrival at the fabulous Shangri La hotel set in the amazing London Shard. This particular Suite is set on the 44th floor and provided some absolutely fabulous views over the London Skyline including an absolutely breathtaking sunset, not to mention a very sexy seethro’ blouse and lace bra
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December 2017….

Happy New Year all…. An enormous thank you to all members past and present as well as all those that may join this….. my own very special website in the future. I have some fabulous plans set out for 2018 and despite some 673 albums to date – we’ve still managed to come up with
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November 2017….

  Album 668…. Welcome to this fabulous first album featuring this wonderful Porsche 718. Many will recall my first experience in a similar car a few months ago featured in Album 649. It’s been a torturous four months selecting the various features and awaiting delivery and collection from the very fabulous local Porsche dealer. As
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October 2017….

Album 665…. A fabulous Autumn weekend break away in Cornwall and some amazing weather – just perfect and I know for sure that these wonderful PVC boots will make a very welcome return for so many of the boot loving members here at legsonshow. Sixty Two Pics included in this – probably my favourite album
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September 2017….

Album 661…. Hi all – welcome to this very sexy Leopard print dress, this album was captured last Saturday eve ahead of a night out in town and I have to say it certainly draws plenty of attention in a busy restaurant and even a few very kind comments later in the eve. It fits
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August 2017….

Album 657…. Welcome to this fabulous skirt bought in Miss Guided during a weekend shop at Selfridges in the Bullring – Birmingham last weekend. Have to say…. I love the contrast of colours, I’ll be adding additional pics to this album through the week including some fab pics inside and outside the Bullring. Kisses all……Linda
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July 2017….

Album 654 (Video Clip)…. A little teaser treat for you wonderful fellas here who ask regularly about what my 1-2-1 members only Cam-shows are all about. Here is a typical clip, apologies for some of the sound cuts, the member concerned was VERY vocal indeed, just as I like it…….Mmmmm Mmmmm. Album 653 (Part Two)….
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June 2017….

Album 650….(Update) This album has proven to be a huge hit with members, so much so, that I have added another 30 or so pics to the album as a little bonus for this weekend……enjoy xxxx Album 650…. Possibly, just possibly one of my fav albums to date. This particular outfit has drawn many glances
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