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June 2019….

Album 743…. One of the benefits of a good summer is the good old coffee break sat out in the sunshine catching up with emails and messages from you wonderful members. This black and white skirt is a very recent addition to my wardrobe and looks and feels fabulous to wear in the summer sun.
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May 2019….

Album 739…. May is here already – this year is simply flying by, however I am really looking forward to this month as I’ve planned some fabulous posts including some selfie albums which always seem to prove big winners for LoS members with a very natural feel of intimacy and honesty. I know you’ll love
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April 2019….

Album 738…. This album is sure to prove a huge favourite with long term members who will remember the immensely popular post (exactly 400 albums previous) – capturing a very exciting attempt to clean my Patio doors in a very low cut vest top and leather skirt. So here’s an up to date version of
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March 2019….

Album 734…. Welcome to yet another addition to the LoS wardrobe, this amazingly sexy leather ‘biker chic’ ensemble is sure to raise pulse rates and get the blood pumping…. But if that isn’t enough, I’m know members will warmly welcome these white PVC boots, I’m absolutely certain this will be a ‘huge’ hit with so
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February 2019….

Fetish February…. Triple Update this Weekend…. We’ve left it late but we’ve finally managed to get our diary’s together and sunny weather is forecast, so well be away this week at a fabulous location putting together some fabulously fetish albums, featuring Latex, Leather, Lace as well as some sexy PVC thigh high boots for good
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January 2019….

Album 726…. I just know that the return of this fabulous ‘slash dress’ will be a very welcomed by so many LoS members, it’s definitely one of my sexiest dresses and members comments over the years have certainly made it breathtakingly sexy and fun to wear too. Kisses Linda xxx Album 725…. A weekend away
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December 2018….

Album 719…. I have to say that having gone through my own personal toy box recently, I was astounded to see just how regularly Santa has popped in to see me over the years, I’ve been a very lucky girl indeed…. Album 718…. So here’s a great way to start December with a video-clip captured
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November 2018….

Album 717…. Album 717 kicks off Party Season – featuring the most sexy high heel additions to my huge collection, I have to say despite the very vampish styling, they are incredibly comfortable and have already drawn many compliments from male onlookers…. ‘as expected’ but also a few very appreciated remarks from females. These are
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October 2018….

Album 713…. One of the ‘other benefits’ of a sexy weekend at a hotel in town is a shopping day the “morning after the night before” and as many of you regular members will know I love to ‘stand out from the crowd’ and absolutely adore bold print and / or vivid colour jackets /
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September 2018….

Album 708…. A slight break from the traditional look and style produced here at LoS featuring these amazingly sexy fishnet stockings from axami they are truly fabulous and fit beautifully….and for those of you requesting more ‘boobs on show’ I definitely think this album will ”deliver”….. Love and Kisses xxxx Album 707…. I have to
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