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October 2019….

Album 756…. This album welcomes the return of these hugely enticing Di-Marni ‘Spike Heels’ and fabulously vamp point toes. Despite the very fetish style they are truly amazing to wear and draw many, many looks and plenty of comments. The whole album follows on Tuesday 12th….xxxx Love and Kisses Enjoy….Linda xxxx

September 2019….

Album 755…. Welcome to the fourth ‘# throw back thursday album’ and this extremely album captures one of the early webcam appearances available to all website members. I must say we had some incredibly fun times, though the regular fun-filled evenings certainly left me exhausted (in the nicest possible way) and regularly late for work
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August 2019….

Album 751…. I have to say I think this latest album will perk up many ‘members’ for two reasons….xxxxI should just add I wasn’t quite aware of how transparent the top might be in his weekends very extremely autumnal weather, but my photographer has clearly focused his attention and camera on everything other than the
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July 2019….

Album 747…. A late ‘Summer Burst of Sunshine’ is the inspiration for this particular album including this fabulous snakeskin skirt and a brand new addition to my high heels wardrobe. Look out for some fabulous underwear only pics to come during this week. Hugs always…. Linda xxxx Album 746…. I make no apologies for posting
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June 2019….

Album 744…. So here’s your opportunity to open up a debate on which of these amazingly sexy ‘Satin’ blouses would be best to wear for an evening out at a local Thai Restaurant, I already have a small bet on your vote…..hehe x Enjoy xxxx Album 743…. One of the benefits of a good summer
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May 2019….

Album 739…. May is here already – this year is simply flying by, however I am really looking forward to this month as I’ve planned some fabulous posts including some selfie albums which always seem to prove big winners for LoS members with a very natural feel of intimacy and honesty. I know you’ll love
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April 2019….

Album 738…. This album is sure to prove a huge favourite with long term members who will remember the immensely popular post (exactly 400 albums previous) – capturing a very exciting attempt to clean my Patio doors in a very low cut vest top and leather skirt. So here’s an up to date version of
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March 2019….

Album 734…. Welcome to yet another addition to the LoS wardrobe, this amazingly sexy leather ‘biker chic’ ensemble is sure to raise pulse rates and get the blood pumping…. But if that isn’t enough, I’m know members will warmly welcome these white PVC boots, I’m absolutely certain this will be a ‘huge’ hit with so
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February 2019….

Fetish February…. Triple Update this Weekend…. We’ve left it late but we’ve finally managed to get our diary’s together and sunny weather is forecast, so well be away this week at a fabulous location putting together some fabulously fetish albums, featuring Latex, Leather, Lace as well as some sexy PVC thigh high boots for good
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January 2019….

Album 726…. I just know that the return of this fabulous ‘slash dress’ will be a very welcomed by so many LoS members, it’s definitely one of my sexiest dresses and members comments over the years have certainly made it breathtakingly sexy and fun to wear too. Kisses Linda xxx Album 725…. A weekend away
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